Hudson NY, 2010

by Her Harbour



Recorded by my dear friend Steve Durand in his beautiful Hudson home, NY Fall 2010


released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Her Harbour Ottawa, Ontario

dream folk / baroque pop

Her Harbour is the moniker of singer songwriter Gabrielle Giguere.

Her debut album Winter's Ghosts was released on E-Tron Records

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Track Name: Petunia
This is your song Petunia

He felt so small

Because you grew so tall

Till he felt he hardly knew ya

So he put a crown on the top of his head

He broke your knees and made you laze in bed

Pretty soon nobody knew where you went

And even you started wondering

You forgot how to cry even though it’s all you did

You forgot who you were and how good it is

To be loved and to be free

The way we were all conceived to be

So your friends they searched every town in Alaska

For they missed their dear old friend Petunia

No they didn’t know there was no need to look North

For the cold in which you live, is one of the heart
Track Name: Phinn's
Black candle sticks and Moby Dick

And you can relish the thought

Oh how I wonder where you are

All the bearded men and Motel inns

Only serve to push you further in

The back of my heart

Laying in the dark and waking to the sun

the thought of you it isn’t far

to way the morning down

Black coffee and the morning spins

And the blanket I am living in-

between the back and the front

Laying in it’s dark, I hide until you’re gone

I am just a rock, the sun is setting on

Life is just a crawl in the belly of a whale

And I am just a bone finding shelter from the gale

This gale, I call my heart